Should I Store My Boat or RV Closer to the Vacation Site or Closer to Home?

Published on 1/25/2019

Should I Store My Boat or RV Closer to the Vacation Site or Closer to Home?

There really isn’t a question of whether or not you should store your boat or RV—storage can extend the life of your vehicle so you can enjoy years of fun, however, the question of where you should store your RV & boat is a little more common. Should you store your RV or boat closer to the water/vacation site, or closer to home?

Storing Your Boat Or RV Close to the Vacation Site

There are a lot of pros to keeping your RV or boat close to your destination. The gas required to drive or pull an RV or boat can usually be enough incentive alone to store them close to the recreation site. Pulling trailers over long distances can also add travel time into your fun vacation or trip. Unexpected accidents can happen and adding the baggage of a big RV or boat can be stressful.

Storing Close to Home

RV’s especially can be difficult to store in a location far away if you tend to take supplies to and from the RV and your house. If you have a full set of all living supplies both in your RV and at home, it is not a big deal to store it closer to a vacation spot. However, if you find yourself needing to empty your RV, it might be easier to store it closer to home where it is easily accessible. It also solves the problem of carrying perishables a long distance.

Another thing to consider is whether you go to the same location to “play” or if you find yourself traveling to different lakes or vacation sites. It can be a big hassle to have to travel in the opposite direction to pick up your RV or boat and then backtrack to your destination.

Ultimately the decision is up to you. After weighing the pros & cons of each option you can make a choice that will best fit your needs.